Thursday, November 5, 2015

Busy Bee

Assalamu alaikum Homemakers!

insha'Allah all is well....

-Maya Angelou

I have been extremely busy lately, my apologies for not posting in a long while! I started working outside the home 3x a week, its been a great experience Alhamdulillah. I had focused 110% of my time and effort in making my home and came to a place where I felt I could also work and maintain my home so I am happy to say I have entered the workforce after 4-5 years of mainly homemaking (I did take college courses in that time as well, plus finding other ways to tap into my creativity). It was really tough at first but I took baby steps, first I volunteered once a week and then after 6 months I was offered a job in my field of study (Nursing).

There was definitely a transitional period for us all but I made sure there was not too much compromise, in other words I have and will always make sure my priorities are straight insha'Allah and of course my family's health, happiness and honor is essential to everything!

It has been very rewarding to work after so long and at first I wondered if I would have enough energy to keep up with housework, I'll be honest, it has not been easy but this is when planning and preparation comes into play! So far I have been cooking in bulk quantities so that on work days I do not have to worry about cooking. In doing so one has to be sure about how to store the food and re-heat it if frozen etc. Insha'Allah I will make a post about this, if anyone already does this at home please do share any tips and tricks in the comments! Insha'Allah :)

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